Friday, 12 July 2013

Digital Table Clock - Prototype

Hi guys,
After a long time we managed to acquire one more project for CircuitsInc. This board was designed for a small electronics store which manufactures small electronic devices to be used as office supplies. They gave us the task of designing a PCB for a Digital Clock based on a simple microcontroller.
The first step was to design a Prototype board for testing the system. Later, another version of the board will be designed to miniaturize the device.
Since this is a prototype, the board consists of all through-hole components and a Microcontroller.
The final board is expected to have all SMD components and replace the microcontroller with suitable logic circuits(Flip Flops, Gates, etc.).
So, coming to the features of the board:
  • There are 3 sets of 2-digit Seven Segment Displays to display Hours:Minutes:Seconds. 
  • There are two tactile buttons to adjust the value of different segments. This idea has been picked up from digital wrist watches.
  • There is one tactile switch to reset the clock.
  • Atmel's Atmega8 Microcontroller has been implemented.
  • A crystal has been implemented for accurate timing. 
  • Uses 3 AA batteries to power the clock.
  • The seven segment displays are controlled by ICs called 4511N. These are BCD to Seven Segment Display converters with inbuilt latch.
We hope this prototype works well and we get to design the final board.
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PS: Pull down resistors for the tactile switches wont be required here because they can be setup internally from the code.
Board File -

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